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Northern Rivers Ceramics Awards 2024

By March 12, 2024New work

My ceramic sculpture “Herald” was selected as a finalist in the inaugural Northern Rivers Ceramics Award 2024.

The theme was “ceramics in a fragile world” and I submitted a set of two “angels”.

Angels are a common theme in my work. For me the angel motif developed as a way of coping with the struggles of our modern world with ecological disasters, human displacement and wars. Both the world and my “self” feel fragile in this context.

Angels, for me, represent hope and trust and take me to a place of myth and story-telling which seems to be able to contain both lightness and darkness.

Whilst I was not a prize winner in this award, it was a great honour for me to be exhibited alongside some of the ceramic artists that I admire. For me it represents my development from absolute beginner in ceramics 6 years ago to an accomplished ceramicist!