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Hannah Massey is a mixed media artist based in the Byron Shire in Northern NSW, Australia.

She is interested in cultural narratives and the stories that we tell ourselves and each other and what they reveal about underlying and/or unconscious belief systems. She is particularly interested in feminine narratives and archetypes.

In recent years Hannah has explored ceramics as a medium and as an access point to the history of relics and monuments. This culminated in the solo exhibition/ installation “Human Remains”at the Northern Rivers Community Gallery in 2023 This examined the narratives that cultures aim to promote and or preserve through sculptures and public arts and how we look to relics of these from the past to understand who we were and in turn who we are now.

Mixed media painting, drawing and collage is her core medium for development of ideas and imagery and can take the form of intimate collages to large scale oil paintings. She relates them to mythology in regards to their fluid story-telling nature and hopes to offer the audience a moment of reflection and an experience of shared humanity.

Having completed a Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art and Visual Culture) from Curtin University, WA, in 2014 Hannah is now creating from her home studio surrounded by trees and brush turkeys.