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Monument to the Wet Season

By March 12, 2024New work


In 2021 my design “Monument to the Wet Season” was selected by Creative Mullum to be the next installation in the Mullumbimby Scultpure Walk.

This begun a series of months of research, development and production and is now installed.

I imagined the concept whilst sitting at one of our beautiful waterfalls in the Byron hinterland. The tumbling sound of water feels like home to me. The home, here in the Northern Rivers where fresh water is in abundance and at times over-abundance.

I made over a thousand ceramic beads by hand, mostly during pandemic lock-downs. I spent hours glazing them by hand, broken sleep-nights checking that my kiln firings weren’t burning our wooden house down.

I learnt to ask for advice and assistance and with much support succeeded to creating my largest and most ambitious artwork to date.

Visitors to the park have told me that they find the piece meditative as it rotates gently in the breeze and is reminiscent of hanging seed pods as well as tumbling water.