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Belles-Lettres Exhibition, NRCG, Ballina. Jan 2016

By January 22, 2016New work

With a mixture of anxiety, vulnerability, relief and exhaustion, the Belles-Lettres exhibition has been hung (hanged?), opened and blessed by a wonderful crowd of well wishers. The work that I am presenting is a collection of mixed media experimental pieces that, at their core, reflect my process over the past year of rediscovering a playfulness in my practice after nearly four years of academic study.

Collage has become an important method for me to engage my creative self and I really enjoy exploring different approaches to it. These works explore the integration of collage into layers of resin. The installation itself is also a collage; of my work with those of Nathalie Verdejo. Nat similarly works in a process based way, using plaster with embedded mixed media.

12494903_10153939365912952_3907210506347319089_n             IMG_5093           12417701_10153939365987952_7827205108460288049_n

The Northern Rivers Community Gallery is a beautiful space, provided by the Ballina Shire Council. There are four rooms so four exhibitions are presented over each four week period. In the large room is Steve Waller with a magnificent exhibition of contemporary drawings:


Steve presents a mix of hyper-realistic drawings and abstracts. Shocking, intriguing and a world unto themselves.

In the other rooms, Amanda Bromfield exhibits Rococo inspired ceramics and Imbi Davidson exhibits dynamic landscape inspired paintings.